French Bill to Regulate Fast Fashion

The "Fast Fashion" bill, introduced on January 30, 2024, recently underwent deliberation before the French National Assembly with the aim of fostering sustainability and advancing environmental and social responsibility within the fashion industry.

This legislation is specifically directed at entities that rapidly introduce numerous new product lines to the market, a practice commonly associated with "fast fashion." The precise criteria for identifying such entities will be determined by the Council of State.

Brands engaged in the rapid turnover of clothing and accessories collections will be obligated to adhere to the following provisions:

Online Consumer Awareness: Fast fashion brands will be required to prominently display messages on their online platforms, informing consumers about the economic, social, health, and environmental ramifications of swiftly changing fashion collections. These messages must be visible on all relevant product pages, situated in close proximity to the pricing information. The specific content of these messages will be outlined through official decree.

Advertisement Prohibition: Entities involved in ephemeral fashion will be prohibited from directly or indirectly advertising their products. This ban extends to partnerships with influencers aimed at promoting these brands or products within the textile, household linen, and footwear sectors.

Recognising the urgency of the matter, the French government has expedited the legislative process for this bill, with enforcement slated to commence on January 1, 2025. Financial penalties associated with non-compliance will be enforced starting from July 2025.

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