Environmental, Social & Governance

Organisations are undergoing a fundamental shift towards a more sustainable way of operating. Legal requirements and expectations of an organisation’s people and external stakeholders are evolving rapidly, and with steadily expanding regulatory requirements it’s easy to forget that progressing your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals can also bring tangible opportunities.

Your organisation is probably grappling with at least one of these questions on ESG:

  • Are we compliant with the upcoming regulatory requirements in this space?
  • How do we change the way we do things to become a good global citizen?
  • How can we create innovative sources of stakeholder value as part of the shift to a more sustainable future?

Reach out to one of the team to see how we can help you meet your organisation’s ESG goals.

Regulatory compliance

The volume and variety of ESG regulations continues to rapidly increase, covering a wider range of organisational activities aimed at stimulating markets, shifting behaviours, transparency, and monitoring compliance.  Regulations will be increasingly nuanced and prescriptive. Government bodies and regulators will increasingly have more powers and duties to monitor and enforce with some markets creating new regulatory bodies.

We can help you stay on top of the evolving regulatory requirements. 

For the private sector, our expertise includes helping prepare for regulatory changes, manage relationships with regulators and, where possible, help achieve regulatory change or clarification. We advise on business strategy in the light of regulatory requirements and the approaches of regulatory authorities. We also represent clients as defendants, complainants or interveners in regulatory investigations by relevant authorities. With market leading legal and regulatory expertise, we provide creative, timely and pragmatic advice in a public affairs context with our team working at the intersection of politics, bureaucracy, and business reality. 

For the public sector, our expertise includes supporting the creation and implementation of innovative regulation and policy. Where no regulation exists we help market stakeholders to create self-regulation that facilitates market growth.

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Become a good global citizen

When you are challenging yourself to reorientate your organisation around ESG principles, you quickly find that this impacts all areas.  For many years, we have helped our clients achieve their ambitions as good global citizens through optimising organisational processes including energy, carbon and waste management, technology upgrades, outsourcing arrangements, re-engineering supply chains and embedding ESG principles into investments, financing, real estate and employment arrangements.  

We work flexibly and collaboratively across your organisation to help you achieve your strategic ESG goals.  This includes supporting your organisation’s ESG change management programme which we can do in conjunction with our consulting arm, OXYGY.

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Create innovative sources of business value

What if your ESG strategies contributed to your own growth goals, alongside better outcomes for your people, your key external stakeholders (such as your supply chain, your customers, your funders and insurers) and your communities? The more established and ambitious ESG strategies see the delivery of stakeholder value as an engine for growth, and we’re excited to go with you on that journey. 

Our focus on tech disrupted sectors means we know how sustainability can drive change and innovation. With our consulting arm, OXYGY, we partner with you to ensure your company can thrive and withstand the uncertainty of the climate we live in.

Whether it’s helping to build sustainable smart cities, removing barriers to market entry and growth, or bringing green products to market, our multi-disciplinary team blends legal and consulting expertise to make your ESG ambitions a reality. 

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ESG Navigator: Simplifying the ESG regulatory landscape

Our ESG Navigator tool allows you to quickly simplify, identify, assess and address ESG regulations and directives that affect your business

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Green Claims Tracker

Navigate key national laws and guidelines on green claims applicable in a selection of countries across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the UAE.

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